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Sunday, June 01, 2008

On the road again

Ahh! it's been a long time since i've written a blog, well the precise date can be inferred from the one on the last post. On which leg of the journey of life am i?. It seems life hasn't changed much since last year. I am in Pune right now in a place called IUCAA(Inter University Center for Astronomy & Astrophysics).
This place is cool...the professors here are pretty professional and all have their own peculiar senses of humour, maybe they have to deal with very few students each year so the frustration arising from having to deal with dumb people hasn't affected them much and mostly i think they like their job. Am working on a project titled "Gravity in Higher Dimensions", well no this isn't going to lead to a nobel prize irrespective of how magnificent the name sounds...at least not yet ;)
The day goes by waking up for classes( yup you heard it right...there is a summer school going on too so have to attend the classes, though good professors means interesting classes). Then in whatever free time we get, God and I (no I'm not talking about the almighty but the bugger kartik...hehe, how can i miss the opportunity to do some blasphemy...) spend time working on problems assigned to us. How ironic that holidays is the time we take seriously and try not to waste time while away on our summer sojourns.
The food is pretty good(seriously what is wrong with our mess). There aren't many distractions here apart from the net so work going on pretty smooth and at least i am sure i would be able to say by the end of it that i learnt more than in the just ended semester. Nothing much eventful happening apart from the fact that yesterday went to see a 2m optical telescope and an array of big radio-telescopes of 45m diameter each. The combined diameter of these telescopes working together is whopping 25 km!! That's how interferometry works and provides you with a means of working with small telescopes to create an effective larger telescope


I spend a lot of time daily chatting with friends spread around the world on their respective summer internships...pappu still continues to go out on dates and remain in denial that he is not boyfriend material, and well pv is all alone in France, handicapped by his inability to leave his masochistic ways so he has turned to drinking wine when it rains, i guess any place where booze is freely available is not safe for pv. Tapas logs on sometime and Akash is a perennial presence on the Gtalk friend list. Akash is enjoying his Finnish adventures( though i don't know if this statement is logically consistent for a lazy guy). Rao is the guy most likely to make us proud this summer. Chaitanya is still smugly going about his ice-cream eating ways...a grand reception awaits you back in KGP sire!
Still a month to go here and well plan on meeting teja(khabya) in pune today...so lets see if this pit stop on the road of life provides some more interesting stuff...